Why is iPhone better than Android?

About Android:

Our relationship among iOS and Android will generally base on the item parts of both working systems, anyway a key contemplated which to pick is the openness of the hardware and whether the features stuffed into a wireless is straightforwardly for you.

About iPhone:

iPhone is a big company.The name of the company is Apple.It is a big than any other Company in the word.iPhone give us new new smartphone in every year.It is a popular brand in the world.

Why is iPhone better than Android:

  1. iPhone has fast
  2. iPhone has best Processor
  3. iPhone has best camera
  4. iPhone has best Body
  5. iPhone is the best smartphone company
  6. iPhone make his Processor
  7. iPhone battery is so good than any other smartphone
  8. iPhone has best ram.

Than iPhone Better than Android

Anser to the question:
Why is iPhone better than Android?

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Is an iPhone better than an android?
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